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4 ways to create a tranquil, tech-free retreat at home

by maria

By: Sarah Hastings, RW4Y

According to (Ofcom) over lockdown, we spent an average of 45 hours a week watching TV and other online streaming services.

With big changes ahead and new anxieties surrounding the reopening, it’s time to shut down the screens and practice some self-care.

To help with this, RW4Y have put together 4 ways you can create a tranquil tech free retreat in your own home.

Mindful activities
Take time for yourself by practicing your hobbies in your zen space. Your favourite activity will not only distract you from reaching for your devices, but it can also contribute to a peaceful and more productive mindset.

Yoga, Pilates, and meditation are popular relaxing activities that are beneficial for both the body and the mind. Or perhaps the simplicity of a book would help you to unwind.

If you’re up for something a little bit different, try out a new hobby. Your light and airy loft is the perfect place to try something creative. Activities like painting and drawing are great stress relievers, so they’ll help you achieve a tranquil vibe.

Let the light in
Artificial light can be damaging to eyes and your sleep cycle, especially with continuous scrolling so it’s important to limit this where possible. Introducing natural light will open the space up and allow the room to appear fresher and can even make you feel more awake too.

With the additional sunlight, you can introduce houseplants and give the space a natural feel. And as a bonus, exposure to natural light is great for your health as well.

Set boundaries
It can often prove difficult to maintain a wellness routine, many elements of life get in the way and the easy option is to scroll through social media, taking in negative news – this is formally known as Doomscrolling.

To break this cycle it is important to put rules in place that pull you away from technology. Use app locks to limit your time, allocate time for checking social channels and then move on.

You could even ban your phone/tablet or other device from your chosen wellbeing spot and choose
to focus on an activity that helps to detox.

Decorate accordingly
After staring at a screen for hours, you’re almost guaranteed to experience eye strain. A great way to shake off this discomfort is by taking a break in a light and airy room.

Not only will finding the perfect colour scheme help your tired eyes, but it can boost your mood too. Warm colours like orange and yellow bring a sense of comfort, while cool colours like blue and green induce a sense of calm.

In terms of furnishings, less is more. Go minimalist and avoid collecting an excess of clutter, as this minimises much needed space, you should leave enough room to stretch out fully, especially if you are taking part in mindfulness exercises.

Minimalism can still have personality, soft furnishings and artwork provide the room with elements that represent you, transforming it into your sanctuary.

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