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A Comprehensive Guide To Definitive Technology

by gbaf mag

For ultimate home entertainment systems, look no further than the new Definitive Technology BP90 speaker line. The new A 90 tower speaker system incorporates cutting-edge technology that produces true-to-life surround sound effects. The A90 tower speaker module delivers revolutionary capabilities with true-to-life, floor-standing speakers that are designed for maximum performance in an unobtrusive manner.

The A90 tower speaker series by Definitive Technology is the solution for impressive, immersive, real-room-filling sound from your computer, television or home-cinema system so that you can experience each and every detail of a true home theatre. The A 90 towers support Dolby Atmos/DTS: X, and easily mounts and sits on top of your existing speakers, firing speakers upward, creating a sound that’s reflected back out of the ceiling and reverberating off the walls and into your listening area. Dolby Atmos-X technology creates a truly lifelike environment through the incorporation of an infinite number of speakers into a single unit. A true home cinema system with incredible sound quality, the Definitive Technology A-MAT system has been designed and engineered for maximum performance.

The new speaker designs in the Definitive Technology range incorporate advanced technologies and innovative design elements that combine precision engineering and state-of-the-art materials with a full complement of high-end parts. The speakers are manufactured in a variety of styles and sizes to suit individual needs. A high-definition audio source is pre-amped and optimally engineered for optimal performance. Then a full range of crossover bands and crossovers are incorporated into the speaker design to provide extended frequency range with precise mid and treble response. These speaker designs employ the most widely used materials in audio speaker production, such as tweeter, woofer and cabinet. The speakers are complimented by an elegant and attractive aesthetic design that perfectly matches the specifications of the original as well as complementing any decor.

The Definitive Technology Promonitor 1000 is the ultimate home cinema speaker system. This seven-channel AV receiver offers superior sound quality due to the superior technology it incorporates. It features precision-tuned drivers and powerful audio processing units coupled with comprehensive signal protection circuitry for unbeatable sound quality and long cable runs. It even has an intuitive user interface that makes connecting and controlling your system easy and intuitive.

For ultimate audio performance, the tower speaker is complimented by a high quality subwoofer that is optimally designed for the tower speaker to provide you with the perfect combination of high performance and excellent size. The woofer is also engineered with a precision-tuned motor and powerful amplifier to precisely produce the optimum amount of bass. It is precisely engineered to work with any amplifier and comes in an eight-inch subwoofer for superior sound quality. The powerful amplifier drives each channel to its fullest capability, enabling it to effortlessly handle all types of music.

The Subwoofermount Dual Pod Drives is a simple and easy to install system featuring dual woofers and one or more cabinets for optimal sound quality. The patented Directivity Stack and Distance Optimization optimize sound quality with the use of dual driver technologies. It features a one-piece woofer with a direct drive motor for crisp, clear bass and supreme sound quality. It is simple to install and contains a one-year warranty.

This advanced manufacturing technology offers various color options and an extensive selection of finishes, from gloss to matte finish. It uses lightweight aluminum and heavy duty steel for superior strength and superior quality. An optional a90 flatbed aluminum tower is also available in three different heights to suit the subwoofer and tower configuration. This versatile combination of form and function allows you to install the speakers as part of the enclosure or as an add-on.

For ultimate surround sound performance, consider the optional DLP surround speaker. DLP stands for digital light processing and employs the latest technologies to deliver a smooth, rich, and realistic performance that will easily transform your home theater experience. With optional a 90-inch woofer and two-channel amplifier combination, you can enjoy the best of traditional speaker systems combined with cutting-edge technology. Its optimized dampening and optimized damped output maximize sound quality and extend the frequency range. You are only limited by your imagination when you experience every detail of true digital surround speaker dispersion.

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