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Best Business Ideas – How to Jumpstart Your Digital Business With No Investment and No Initial Money

by gbaf mag

If you’re looking for business ideas to get you started in the world of entrepreneurship, here are some ideas you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Unlike most business ideas that require tons of startup capital and a lot of business plan revisions, these business opportunities are more suited for those who have their feet planted firmly on the ground. Contrary to popular belief, there really are many easy ways to begin a business which allows you to operate more on the strategic front rather than the front end. These low-cost, high yield business ideas also make an excellent entry point for newbies, bootstrappers, or those with an agile busy schedule, allowing you to pick up a convenient side business with little investment required. Here are three top business ideas for those ready to rock the boat.

Shopify Apparel – Creating your own app store is a unique twist on one of the hottest business ideas out there today: providing original, unique, quality apparel at affordable prices. Similar to other app stores, Shopify enables entrepreneurs to display their items in an attractive, professional manner. With the ability to update inventory, descriptions, and images, the ability to customize an app store gives owners a distinct advantage over other online competitors. There are several Shopify apparel options, ranging from casual wears to business wear.

Interior Decorating – The best of the best in business ideas for creating home bases that stay open and flexible come in the form of Shopify’s interior decorating tools. This ecommerce platform gives you access to a full assortment of professional-grade furniture, lighting, and color schemes to help you establish a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. From custom displays and mirrors to decorative pillows and throw pillows, you’ll be able to find the perfect touch of class for any room in your home. Shopify’s interior decorating tools give you complete control over your layout and appearance.

Small Business Ideas – Online auction sites have exploded with great new small business ideas. These sites are a great way to combine your love of good deals and the power of the internet to make some extra money. There are several different auction sites, each with different methods of payment, availability of items, and ways to expand your customer base. When used correctly, these sites can be a very lucrative source of income.

Digital Products – Another one of the best business ideas for small businesses is selling digital products. Many individuals are starting to use digital products as additional resources for their businesses. There are numerous digital products available to sell, ranging from membership sites to photo books to various gadgets. Shopify gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a marketplace where customers can purchase items with ease.

Shopify Apps – Online merchants have plenty of business ideas available on the Shopify app. Merchants can sell anything from pizzas to electronics and anything else you can imagine. The key to making it a success is to develop an app that people will actually want to download. It must fill a need and provide a benefit. Shopify provides all of the elements needed to develop an app quickly and easily. You may even have to develop the app yourself, but the ability to use a community of developers to bounce ideas off of and provide input into the final product is invaluable.

Low-investment and high return business ideas – With the proliferation of books, audio books, and other information products becoming accessible to everyone, there is no shortage of low-investment ideas. Sell your own information products and let the profit run. If your information products aren’t selling, consider creating a podcast or ereport that incorporates affiliate links. Sell t-shirts, low-cost, that feature your affiliate link. The best business ideas involve at least some effort to generate revenue. You will make money whether or not your product sells.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – If you are creating your own products or you are using a service to create and manage the content for your business ideas, chances are you already have an Instagram account or a Facebook page. You can also use a Twitter list or other additional resources to get started. Instagram offers a platform for sharing pictures. Combine this with Facebook’s applications for Instinct and you have multiple ways to generate revenue as your business grows.

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