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How to Create a Gig in 1 Week

by gbaf mag

Fiverr is just one of the top places to monetise your skills, make money, get clients, and sell your talent. But to do all that, you need to create quality gigs that potential buyers can view and buy. This is the main reason why you must spend time and effort to create a well-presentable gig on Fiverr. A poorly-constructed gig will not only fail to earn you any money, but also put a big distraction among your audience. So how do you create a gig that will attract customers and stand out among your competitors?

Creating quality gigs is not hard at all. You only need to learn about the three different packages offered by Fiverr, then choose a gig from among them. These three different packages include the gig fee, gig platform, and gig delivery. Let us go through these three different packages more closely.

The first and the most basic package on Fiverr are the gig fee. When creating a gig, always make sure that the price tag does not exceed $5. You don’t want to end up losing your funds on a gig that does not look professionally done or which is full of errors. The gig button should be present in every gig. If it isn’t, then take away this option and use the $5 slot for something more useful.

Second, look for a niche that does not receive much competition. Instead of creating a general gig about general topics and keywords, choose a niche that does not have a single gig about it. By doing so, you can create a general gig about the topic, drive traffic to your gig video, and increase the chances of being ranked higher on the search engine. To increase your SEO value, always add your website link to the bottom of your video so that viewers will know where to find you online.

Third, after choosing the right niche, it is time to actually create your first gig. The best way to approach it is to write down everything you can think of about your niche and add your website link at the end of each sentence. Don’t forget to write about yourself too – customers will love to see that you are knowledgeable and that you can help them solve their problems. Your first gig might turn out to be your best gig ever.

Four: Now, you need to start creating your first gig. Your audience will be browsing through search engines looking for solutions to their problems. To attract the attention of your buyers, include your subcategory tags with your keyword at the very beginning. Never use the space characters in your subcategory names. For example, if your audience type in “web design” in the search tags, then include your subcategory “web design”.

Next, make sure that your search result shows your target market your gig title. The gig title is very important because this is the first thing the search engine sees when a visitor types in your niche. If you fail to put your keyword in your gig title, then the search engine will not recognize your gig as a good choice for your visitors.

Lastly, you need to provide all the information that the buyer was looking for when he created his first search. For example, the description and the payment options. Always add your buyer a link to his homepage so that he can learn more about your services. After reading this article, you should be ready to create your first few gigs successfully.

OK, so you created your first gig but now it’s not receiving any responses. The main reason for this is that you didn’t give enough information. To increase the number of responses, you can either increase the size of your gig or provide more information to your buyers. Read on to find out how to create effective gig advertisements.

A great way to increase the number of responses to your gig is by creating multiple response videos. For this, you only need to embed a short video file on your web page. In addition, you can also write a blog post related to your gig and submit it on the same web page where you are offering the free tutorial. In fact, most successful freelancers create more than one video with the same free tutorial and publish them on various blog sites in order to increase traffic towards their web sites.

Another important thing to remember when creating new gigs is to submit the details of your project on different discussion boards and forums related to freelancing. For example, if you have created your first gig as an illustration designer then you can join relevant groups and start posting comments and offering your services. You can also put up your website so that potential clients can see the portfolio. By following these simple tips, you can easily create new gigs even if you are a beginner.

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