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INKPACT: Humanising Brands, Growing Revenues and Generating Loyalty for Global Brands

by maria

London… Inkpact, is a CRM tool that connects the worlds fastest growing brands with their customers, through a tribe of remote, home working scribes. Inkpact crafts personalised, hand-written marketing material that has proven to drive sales for global brands and put a smile on their customers faces. A change in their business model during the pandemic has led to faster growth for both them and their clients and an army of happy workers.

In a year when the world lost human connection, Inkpact has helped global brands put it right back into the transactional experience. Inkpact have proven that thinking human 2 human can bring huge success for businesses. Identity is something we have all seen from brands on social media, trying to appear more personal and friendly. However, personalisation within traditional communication channels has never been done on this scale, with such impact.

Providing an alternative to hundreds of emails – that more often than not end up in the junk folder, Inkpact have developed an intuitive and easy to use CRM platform that allows brands to send personalised, hand-written notes to their customers. An army of scribes, all with different life stories to tell (think ballet dancers, single parents and recovering patients) with legible and welcoming handwriting set to work producing the collateral, on branded stationery, in an unbelievably speedy timescale.

Brands See Results

Inkpact get their clients message to places other marketing activities can’t reach; no spam mail, blind cc’s or “move to bin”. 58% increase in repeat purchases, 99% open rates and 2000% ROI have all been achieved through triggered handwritten notes across the customer journey, cutting through the noise to get brands in the hands of their customers and establishing real human connection at a time where we could not have been further apart.

A Evolving Business Model

Moving into lockdown one, most of Inkpact’s clients were B2B business, who sent handwritten notes to the office addresses of their clients. However, with everyone working from home, they faced a challenge, yet discovered an incredible opportunity. Switching to a B2C model was a huge undertaking during such a challenging time, creating a new pipeline of clients with a sometimes huge geographically spread customer base.

A good idea doesn’t stay quiet for long, founder and Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur, Charlotte Pearce soon signed up brands such as Sweaty Betty, John Lewis, Elvie and L’Occitane, leading Inkpact to be 26% ahead of sales targets year-to-date… the change to the business model was clearly the right decision for both Inkpact and their new clients:

“Our members were delighted, and so were we. We saw an organic flood of posts on social media from very happy recipients, with some customers driving into store to thank our Partners in person.” _- India Watson, John Lewis

“Inkpact have helped us deliver some heartfelt campaigns to our loyal and long standing customers, making sure they know how valued they are to us…and [also] saw amazing results when it came to incremental sales.” – Sweaty Betty.

“They give us such an easy but authentic way to say thank you to customers and drive loyalty. We have used the service to help with multiple business objectives; driving our retention goals, recognising our best customers but also just making sure customers feel valued and appreciated.” – L’Occitane

Creating a Community, Not a Workforce

Through a team of 600+ creative freelancers (The Scribe Tribe) across the UK and US Inkpact have implemented a strong mission that finds value in personalisation and thinking human to human. Throughout the pandemic Inkpact has grown not only their business but their workforce too. At a time when many find it difficult to get work, Inkpact provides scribes with extra income, a meaningful role, community and a sense of purpose, at a time where all these things matter more than ever.

“I love being a part of The Scribe Tribe and wholeheartedly endorse the brand idea and philosophy”

“It fits so well around my children, I could do it when they’re in bed, and having naps…it’s some extra spending money too.”

“By being a scribe, I have realised, writing by hand in a structured format is meditation to me. I do not feel as if I am just a faceless writing machine…the whole process is very personal”

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