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Lazy Susan Garden Furniture more than doubles revenue to £11.35m

by wrich

London, 20 January 2022: British garden furniture retailer Lazy Susan has doubled revenue within just one year of partnering with e-commerce solutions provider, Shopware. Shopware’s open source technology flexibly adapted to Lazy Susan’s business model and its unique requirements, resulting in revenue more than doubling to £11.35m from £4.83m in 2020.

Lazy Susan’s primary goal was to increase the performance of its online and mobile site, both in terms of an improved user experience and additional functionality. Prior to working with Shopware, Lazy Susan dealt with limitations in customising and updating prices and had little flexibility in terms of content management. The business also required a more seamless process for managing its multiple international sites.

Shopware was able to support and help Lazy Susan overcome these challenges by:

  • Customizing pricing: Lazy Susan previously experienced limitations when updating and customizing pricing options, which was a time-consuming, manual process. Shopware’s platform gave Lazy Susan access to multiple customisable options, including the flexibility to create value bundle listings and update pricing instantly in real-time.
  • Flexible content management: Shopware’s unique open source approach allowed Lazy Susan to tap into Shopware’s wider community of developers, giving them expert knowledge on various plug-ins tailored to their needs. Based on this, they were able to design more accurate and effective landing and home pages.
  • International growth: Shopware’s flexible platform took the hassle out of managing their product catalogue across multiple international sites, languages, and currencies, streamlining this process so that adjustments and updates could be made in one place and propagated everywhere rather than having to adjust on multiple sites separately.

Lazy Susan successfully completed its roll out of Shopware’s technology across six websites for the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain in early March 2020, just as the peak period of the COVID-19 pandemic began to hit Europe. The months of April 2020 through December set new records, with May setting the record for the largest single day of sales (£96k) and the largest month (£1.7 million).

Highlight growths across these regions include:

  • Sales in Germany increased from £781k in 2019 to £960k in 2020; online traffic up +2.48% in 2020, matched with a conversation growth rate of +1.70% 
  • Sales in France increased from £548k in 2019 to £790k in 2020; online traffic up +4.4% and +1.11% conversation rate in 2020
  • Sales in the UK increased from £2.5m in 2019 to £4.83m in 2020; online traffic up +68% +1.59% conversation rate in 2020. In 2021, UK market growth has already doubled to £11.35m with online traffic up by +70% year-on-year. 

Alex Clarke, Ecommerce Manager at Lazy Susan, said: “With the global COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit culminating in 2020, we were preparing for a worst case scenario as a business, with no forecast on how sales or stock would be affected. However, the successful roll-out of Shopware in March 2020 across our UK and international sites was like divine timing. We were previously experiencing steady growth since our launch in 2007, but our partnership with Shopware was a fundamental part of our 60% growth in 2020. The open source nature of the Shopware platform gave us the flexibility we needed to create a bespoke offering that would work for Lazy Susan and improved our customers’ online user experience and we’re very impressed with the results so far.” 

Justin Biddle, UK Lead, at Shopware, said “It is fantastic to see such strong results for Lazy Susan within just a year of working with Shopware. Our open source approach ensures that any brand working with our platform can tap into the Shopware community and network of developers, allowing the flexibility to create and evolve the platform to work optimally according to individual business needs. We are thrilled that Shopware has been a part of Lazy Susan’s success story, and that it has a role in setting it up for further future growth.”

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