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Marketing Strategy And Strategic Marketing Tactics Go Together Like Peas And Gravy

by gbaf mag

Strategic marketing is an overall view and a long term, forward looking approach to any company or any industry with the basic purpose of achieving a competitive, sustainable competitive edge by knowing your customer’s needs and desires. As a company you are always in search of new markets, new products, new ways of providing services. The bottom line for any company is how it satisfies or serves the customer. This is also the same with marketing. The first step to marketing your product or service effectively is to understand what your customer’s needs are, in other words, what are their wants and needs. Knowing these will help to make sure you don’t provide a solution that doesn’t address their needs and they might go somewhere else.

After knowing who your target audience is and what they want, it is time to design a strategy that will address those needs. Once you know the strategies that will work for you then it is time to execute those strategies. Some of the things you can do to execute a successful marketing strategy include creating a market segment, getting the word out about your product or service, and engaging in communication with your target audience. By implementing each of these steps consistently you will be able to increase the amount of sales coming into your business.

In addition to the application of tactics in strategic marketing there are other variables that need to be considered as well. The best way to determine how effective a particular tactic is to test it against other tactics. If it doesn’t work then simply drop it from your strategy. This way you don’t waste time and money testing tactics that don’t work. If one tactic does work then by all means keep using it but don’t just throw it out for the sake of changing to another tactic.. It may be that a new market has emerged or that your current customers have changed their buying habits. By evaluating your marketing strategies you can stay one step ahead of the competition and build a strategy that works for your business.

Just remember that although your advertising strategy is strategic, so too is your marketing strategy. If your advertising is giving you the results that you are hoping for, all the tactics you have implemented thus far are strategic marketing tactics. By combining both of them, you will create an unstoppable force that will be very hard to control. To put it simply, you will become the unchallenged, undisputed, and unbeatable leader in the market. Now that doesn’t sound like a good thing right now, does it?

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