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National Get to Know Your Customer Day: Only 13% of marketers believe NPS accurately measures customer satisfaction

by maria

NEW YORK, NY – New research has found that over three quarters of marketers believe that Net Promoter Scores (NPS) do not accurately measure customer satisfaction. That’s according to new research from experience analytics company Contentsquare, released to coincide with National Get to Know Your Customer Day (15th July).

The research comes from Contentsquare’s Digital Happiness Pulse, which analyses the views of over 500 marketing and ecommerce professionals around the world.

While NPS is a great indicator of consumer loyalty, when it comes to tracking the real-time moods of consumers, Contentsquare found that only 13% of marketers believed it provides an accurate representation of how customers really feel.

The report also found that the average marketer is using up to eight different digital technologies to track customer satisfaction. Despite this, 76% say that they cannot accurately measure whether their customers are happy online. 84% also say that they can’t effectively track their customers’ mindsets and emotions across digital channels.

“In the past, our research has looked at what makes both customers and professionals happiest,” said Niki Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at Contentsquare. “Marketers take huge satisfaction from knowing they are delivering great online experiences and receiving positive feedback from customers, yet the majority of them still feel they are unable to measure their consumers’ mood online.”

“National Get To Know Your Customers Day is the perfect time for brands to reconsider their current CX measurement approach. While Net Promoter Score still has a role to play in CX measurement, brands need more accurate, real-time insights into their customers’ mindsets, journeys and emotions.”

To achieve this level of insight, Contentsquare recommends the adoption of ‘experience analytics’ technologies, building real-time profiles of customers’ moods and preferences as they travel through the buying journey.

As Niki Hall goes on to explain, “Experience analytics provides organizations with a direct connection to customers — allowing marketers to understand their goals while offering insights into the roadblocks and emotions they encounter online. This ability to understand and measure customer happiness is vital online, and should go far beyond traditional NPS scores.”

For more insights and stats on what brings consumers and marketers joy, check out our Digital Happiness Pulse. And for all the latest digital customer journey benchmarks by industry, download our 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark report, based on 20B web sessions.

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