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Now is the time to migrate your fax from on-prem to the Cloud

by wrich

eFax calls for businesses to Scrap the Server and migrate to the Cloud

Fax has always been a vital tool for enterprises, as it allows them to share and evaluate high volumes of information, often found in highly confidential legal documents. While it is still a stable of business, it has not been left behind in the Cloud revolution. This is according to the latest research from eFaxthe cloud-based fax solution for businesses.

Used in business for over one hundred years, fax has received new life with the progression to cloud-based services, and the subsequent improvements to capability, security, cost, and efficiency. 

Scott Wilson, Senior Director, Sales & Service, eFax, stated: “The IDG Cloud Computing Survey 2020 reported that enterprises’ average cloud spend is up 59% from 2018 to 2020 and 54% of enterprises’ cloud-based applications were moved from on-premises to the cloud. The clear trend of moving from on-premises to the cloud is one that now encompasses fax.

“Online cloud fax services remove the need for old on-premises servers and paper fax machines, drastically improving efficiency and accessibility by allowing users to fax anytime from anywhere by using a mobile device.”

Cloud-based digital fax is much more secure than its on-premises predecessor. Faxes are encrypted before being sent directly to email inboxes. eFax uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and state-of-the-art data centres to ensure fax receives the highest level of protection. It also removes the fundamental issue of shared fax machines often stacking unattended fax copies available for anyone to see.

Cloud fax is also much cheaper, as there are no unexpected, ongoing costs, such as maintenance, upgrades, capacity expansion or redundancy, that are regularly incurred with on-premises systems. It eliminates soft costs such as paper, toner, and removes the storage and disposal fees associated with paper faxes. A significant reduction in cost is very beneficial to companies that face turbulent markets and exist within an economy in recession.

“The switch from on-premises to cloud-based fax is clear, with transformative benefits across the board making it a no-brainer. Cloud’s dominance among enterprises will continue to grow on the steep trajectory that it is currently on – 32% of total IT budgets will be allocated to cloud computing in the next year (IDG 2020),” continued Wilson. “This is why eFax has launched its Scrap the Server campaign, aimed at educating users and enterprises on the real benefits associated with migrating to the Cloud.”

Greater platform and service flexibility, security, disaster recovery, and reductions in cost, are the main drivers for why IT leaders are investing in cloud-based technology and moving their on-premises systems to the cloud. Cloud-based fax, an original staple of business for many years, enables enterprises to reap the rewards of digital transformation too.

For more information on Scrap the Server go to www.scraptheserver.com

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