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Optimizely selected to deliver Mazda’s new dealer websites

by wrich

Mazda partner Candyspace selected Optimizely’s digital experience platform (DXP) to develop and optimise a new suite of sites for international car giant

LONDON, UK – March 2, 2022 – Optimizely’s digital experience platform (DXP) has been chosen by digital product specialists Candyspace for the development and optimisation of a new ecosystem of dealer websites for Mazda, consolidating 81 separate platforms and streamlining customer journeys.

Over just a few months, the Candyspace team, working collaboratively with the team at Mazda along with selected dealers, took a customer-centric and UX-focused approach to designing, developing and optimising the new suite of websites on the Optimizely DXP.

As a result, customers can now enjoy frictionless user journeys across the ecosystem, with personalised experiences that showcase the range of new and used models at their local dealerships and the latest finance offers.

With vastly improved data and analytics, Mazda is now better able to drive leads and optimise conversions and journeys across the digital platform. Candyspace’s solution, enhanced by the capabilities of the Optimizely platform, is a flexible one, designed to evolve in line with the rapid changes in the automotive sector.

James Crouch, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at Mazda said: “At Mazda, we strive to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Delivering consistency across our dealer websites and seamless journeys through our ecosystem gives us a strong platform upon which to build, adapt and innovate. Candyspace’s customer focused approach and technical knowledge and the sophisticated optimisation provided by the Optimizely DXP has ensured the successful implementation of these sites.”

Joey Moore, Senior Director, Product at Optimizely said: “We believe that optimum customer experiences can only be achieved by implementing creativity and experimentation throughout the digital transformation (DX) process. Our platform has enabled Candyspace to create a suite of sites that use this application of experimentation to fully optimise each site, therefore optimising the customer experience as a result.”


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