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The future kitchen which can be turned on and off with just one touch

by wrich

With smart white goods making the kitchen the new place to hang out, could the kitchen be competing with the living room with smart fridges that play films and directly orders food? 

It’s crazy to think that anyone could eventually run their whole house with just their phone. Imagine being able to wash the load of clothes that’s been sitting in the washing machine all morning, the one you didn’t have time to do because you had to nip out and meet some friends, and with just a tap you could start the washing, and have it dried for when you got back home.  

To most people this may sound bizarre yet intriguing, to others the ‘connected home’ is a revolutionary concept, thanks to smart technology and home automation which is expanding each day with the likes of Tech brands, Haier and more.

The technology in our homes has got to such an advanced level where standard electrical devices – that once were hip home gadgets – have now turned into smart devices such as smart TVs or smart thermostats. Smart technology is here and it’s only becoming better and more ingrained into our everyday lives, making up the ‘connected home’. 

With the Internet of Things (IoT) to thank for connecting all our smart devices together using a wireless network, it makes you wonder what the impact of the connected home can have on our daily lives moving forward. 

One area that is showing impressive innovation is the smart white goods market.  These devices are evolving and their place in our connected home is here to stay, and their role is fierce.  

Consumers now have the opportunity to purchase a fridge, that not only looks stylish but can keep your food fresher for longer with the advance technology it has built inside of it. 

The Haier brand has recently added the best-in-class cooling technology to preserve fresh food, the Haier FD70 Series 7 will make sure that you have fruit and veg that tastes as it did on the first day that you purchased it. Most importantly it also prevents food going to waste as we know that this can easily happen when you live a busy life. 

With the kitchen becoming the new playground for smart white goods, your future bachelor pad is just a click away and for the days you just want to switch the technology off, you can. This is why digital life all depends on you and what you want from it. With an easy way to customise your device to your needs, the digital world boasts flexibility which is why we can embrace it on days we want and turn off others.

Some may question smart white goods and its agenda. With a level of extensive home insurance having to cover such kitchen devices, there is a debate in the prevention of hacking. Consumers are worried about the level of data that is released in these smart goods, which can make it easily traceable if you don’t have the right protection and cover for your home.

With all that said smart white goods will not only save you time, but also money, making sure you’re more economical and while becoming a useful life companion too, one that knows just how you like your food cooked, your laundry washed, and your food prepped all with an app. With all that being said, ‘connected’ fridges also play a role in preventing food waste. It takes in consideration when your food is going to expire, gives you options on what to do with it and also keeps your food fresher for longer so it doesn’t go into that bin. 

Newly released data from Confused.com has revealed the scale of this rapid rise in home technology with 24% of people investing in at least three smart home devices since the beginning of lockdown.

Data shows that the biggest benefit of smart home technology according to Brits, is the money it can save you on energy bills, with half of the country agreeing with this statement. In addition, 56% of Brits also agree that having a smart device makes their life more convenient, which is the top reason people invest in this technology. The findings from this survey show that people are happy to welcome a smarter home, so it’s no wonder ‘smart white goods’ are the next best home devices to watch when it comes down to the ‘connected home’ and here is why: 

Saving money in utility bills 

With many people continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future, household bills have increased. In fact, further research by Confused.com in 2020 found that 29% of Brits reported an increase in their energy bills since the first lockdown in March 2020.  These respondents paid out £29 extra per month, on average, making the argument for smart home technology even more appealing for many.  The research shows 49% of smart tech owners reported an average annual saving of £318 by swapping appliances to smart devices, making them worth the investment. However, it seems that even though owning a smart device could help in reducing these costs, 47% of people in the UK admitted to being unclear about how smart devices can save money on energy bills.

An example would be a lot of consumers may be using the wrong setting on their ovens, wasting usable energy just from cooking times being longer than necessary. Smart ovens allow you to cook your meals with the exact setting it needs to be cooked on. Depending on what you’re cooking, your Smart oven will set the temperature and time for it to be cooked and will update you automatically with the progress of it. 

Saves time 

We have all done it.  Put laundry in the washing machine, set the cycle to run and then completely forget all about it.  Which is why washing machines have also started on the smart device road. Enabling you to check the progress of a wash via an app and have a notification for when it has finished. This means that forgetting about your washing is a thing of the past. Thanks to a series of sensors, smart washing machines also know exactly what kind of laundry is in its drum. The washing machine fully adjusts the standard cycle to the specific load. This way, woolen sweaters will be given a different treatment than towels and bedding. Ensuring a more tailored wash that recognises your wash pattern. The Haier I-Pro Series 7 (979) takes the lead when it comes down to washing machines, it fits into your way of life so you can get on with doing the things you love. Operating with incredible efficiency and at super-low noise levels thanks to the Direct Motion motor, this discreet range of washing machines also boasts a large capacity, meaning you can wash more clothes in less time. The machine also saves energy and boast a self-cleaning function after each wash – a clean washing machine means clean clothes, if that doesn’t impress you then the steam technology will make you read this twice, yes, the steam the washer creates ensures that stains are removed from clothes and will make those ironing days a little easier. 

All in all, we can be certain that smart white goods are a technology that will learn and adapt to our individual living patterns and will make sure that quality is delivered each and every time. 


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