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The Leveraged Business Book Launch

by maria

Find out how you can go from overwhelmed at six figures in your business, to seven figures (and get your life back!) Read the best-selling business book by best-selling author and international business coach, Fabienne Fredrickson.

Learn how to leverage your business so that it virtually manages itself!

The global business leader shares eight key activators to scaling a business so that you can boost your income and enjoy your life.

If you know anyone running their own business, chances are they’re overwhelmed, UNLESS they’re following the steps outlined in ‘The Leveraged Business’. The book, from international business coach Fabienne Fredrickson, takes you through the proven eight levers which increase results for business owners without putting in more effort.

It’s an essential read for entrepreneurs who want to boost their finances while having a life, and this has worked for hundreds of six and seven-figure business owners that Fabienne and her company Boldheart have coached through the ‘Leveraged Business Program’.

“The same tool that helped build the pyramids in Egypt is helping grow strong businesses, so that their founders get to enjoy their income and their lives,” says Fabienne. “Using the power of leverage, you can build a business that virtually manages itself.

“Regardless of your country, gender or industry, there are systematic causes for founder burn-out at the six-figure level of business and leverage is the solution.”

Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson is a powerful mentor for solo business owners who seek to make the greatest impact they can in their work all while creating certainty in their business and financial security in their lives. She believes that when women (and heart-centered men) make their own money (and lots of it), they experience a profound feeling of safety in their life.

As the founder of Boldheart.com and the Boldheart Business programs, Fabienne has been a mentor to tens of thousands of women business owners over more than 20 years. Her predictable processes taught in each program practically guarantee that a business owner will multiply their results with more downtime, once implemented fully.

Her company has repeatedly been recognized by the media, and Inc. Magazine has named it one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years.

Fabienne is an inspiring speaker – sometimes even speaking to audiences as large as 7,000 attendees – and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, Amex Forum, and The New York Times. Her TEDx Talk on Activating Your Potential for Greatness has gone viral.

In addition to teaching women (and heart-centered men) how to get out of overwhelm and reach a million or more in their business with their life back, Fabienne sprinkles self-worth and mindset principles onto all of her teachings. In everything she does, she teaches you to fight self-doubt, become infinitely more confident, believe in yourself, value your unique brilliance, and then get out of your comfort zone so you can create a magnificent life you love.

Follow @fabiennefred on Instagram for daily inspiration and stories, or search for her by name on Linkedin and Facebook.

Book information

The Leveraged Business – How You Can Go from Overwhelmed at Six Figures to Seven Figures (and Get Your Life Back) by Fabienne Fredrickson (ISBN-13  978-1734913712) is a paperback with 253 pages.

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