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Tips On How To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

by gbaf mag

Facebook business pages are simply an enhanced version of your personal profile page. In other words, a Facebook business page represents either a single business or brand and highlights the services that it offers. However, a Personal account is used to keep personal details private and just a way for the user to stay in touch with his or her friends and loved ones. Business pages, meanwhile, are used for networking and marketing purposes. There are four basic types of Facebook business pages: Professional, Friend/Family, Search, and Event.

A Professional account allows one to showcase his or her skills as a marketer or business owner. This type of Facebook business pages features a photo or company logo accompanied by a description and information about one’s expertise. The personal account on the other hand, showcases an individual’s personal brand, with a description, images and links linking back to one’s official website.

As already mentioned, there are four different types of Facebook page roles, which cater to each of the four basic functions. These include: Search, Community, Friend/Family, and Event. To help you further understand the different types, here are some examples:

– Search is a basic function that looks like a search engine. When you perform a search, your profile pictures and other information about you will be visible. Based on the type of search you choose, the interface can vary from one to the next. You can specify the city you live in, the kind of business you own, and how popular you are in your area.

– Event is a function that allows you to display a variety of different events that are related to your business. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, you can specify the category or niche your business falls under. In addition, you can specify the date and time of the event, the number of people that will be attending and even provide contact information such as a phone number or email address. This allows you to build a targeted list of individuals who may be interested in what you are marketing.

– Friend is a basic function for Facebook that allows you to create and share connections with other individuals and businesses in your network. Once you click create an account, you will be given the option to create a page or a personal account. The personal account is what you will use to connect directly with potential customers. Unlike the business account, you do not have to provide a phone number, email address, or general description about your brand. However, the personal account does not look as professional as the business account.

– Family is a Facebook mainstay that allows you to keep connected with family, relatives, and friends. On the left side of the profile you will see the section called feeds. Click on the link for feeds and choose the options you want to use. From there, you can share any information related to your family such as pictures, videos, events, and latest gossip. This option is great for connecting with people you share similar interests, as well as increasing your chances of being featured in the search results of Facebook.

– Search is one of the most used functions on Facebook. By default, every time someone searches for anything on Facebook, the top menu will appear. You can customize the top menu to display any of the five key elements that are most important to you, based on your branding and marketing. These elements are friends, photos, posts, comments, and notes.

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