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VitaCup Drinks Up Opportunities to Grow With Brightpearl and Shopify Plus

by wrich

Fast-growing beverage business, VitaCup, is brewing brilliant results after selecting Brightpearl to support its delivery of vitamin and superfood-infused coffee and tea products.

After becoming the latest big brand to join the Brightpearl family, VitaCup has access to a scalable, robust retail operations platform that syncs seamlessly with its Shopify Plus-powered website and offers a single source of truth across the business’s multiple DTC and B2B sales channels and marketplaces, including Amazon

With more than one million happy customers, VitaCup is well known for its range of healthy hot drinks that are made in the USA using sugar-free, dairy-free ingredients. The San Diego, California-based company, specifically chose Brightpearl instead of a ‘Classical ERP’, like Netsuite, after its COO experienced first hand the difficulties with implementation.  

 After a typical rapid deployment from Brightpearl, VitaCup is enjoying full access to the platform’s game-changing features – from a market-leading automation Engine and best in class demand forecasting to advanced reporting and a world class range of pre-built open API integrations

“We’re super excited to be live on Brightpearl and have one platform that manages all of our revenue streams, supply chain, inventory, and captures all the related financials”, said Ryan Savage, COO of VitaCup. “The capabilities to further automate processes are critical to support continued growth, and the data and analytics that can be utilized are useful at all levels of our organization.” 

 Before Brightpearl, the VitaCup team was feeling the pressure of manual processes. They needed an easy-to-use, built-for-retail operating system that could help them automate time-consuming tasks, as well as integrate effortlessly with Shopify Plus and a number of sales channels. Brightpearl has ticked every box – and then some.

“VitaCup wasn’t keen to choose a classic ERP to support its next stage of growth, and we don’t blame them – ERPs are well known for being slow to set up, as well as being inflexible” said Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl.

“Choosing Brightpearl instead was a really smart move – and one more and more brands are making in order to grow fearlessly. We’re thrilled to offer VitaCup the features they need to truly succeed – including automation, demand forecasting, built-in accounting and wholesale fulfilment. VitaCup can now look forward to reaching its full potential – and we’ll certainly raise a cup to that!”

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