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WFH to hybrid working: adapting to a new routine with smart lighting

by maria

Guidance to work from home will be officially relaxed on the 19th of July, with employees finally able to return to the office. This is the day that everyone was waiting for, but now that it is here, businesses are not 100% onboard with fully getting back to normality. As businesses try to figure out the safest way to return to the office, flexible working will likely be a popular strategy. With the constant changes to our routine, smart lighting from Innr can help you maximise productivity and help to keep work separate when we’re at home with some clever smart lighting hacks.

For example, research has shown that using bright white light helps increase productivity. This closely resembles the sun at its peak during the day (5000-7000 Kelvin), the time when we’re most active. This bright light has a blue-ish tint to it, triggering the production of cortisol; a hormone that increases productivity and improves focus. Helpfully, Innr offers built-in presets for multiple situations, so if you’re in work-mode, all you have to do is select the ‘Work’ preset in the app and the light will be set to the perfect ‘bright daylight’ setting. Minimising eye-strain while maximizing productivity and readability.

On the other hand, as you come to the end of your day, switching to a warmer dimmed tint will help your body to produce melatonin; a hormone that makes it easier to relax and unwind after a long day of working.

Whether you’re a seasoned smart home pro or just looking to trial the benefits – Innr has something for you. With smart bulbs compatible with smart home bridges (including Philips Hue) and WiFi bulbs to connect directly to your router, Innr offers a variety of styles, fittings, and connectivity options.

Innr bulbs are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money, with packs of two bulbs starting from RRP £19.99. Innr’s LED bulbs are also energy efficient, with bulbs using down to just 20% of the energy an incandescent or halogen bulb would use and if you dim your smart LED lights wirelessly, energy consumption will further decrease.

Not only does smart lighting lower your energy bills, with Innr bulbs you can set routines for your lights, switch them on and off while you are away from home and take advantage of voice control. Innr WiFi lights connect with Alexa and Google Home and while Innr smart lights connect with Philips Hue, Alexa, Homey and SamsungThings.

Innr bulbs are also easy to install thanks to Innr’s compatibility with Philips Hue bridges. Seamlessly add your Innr bulbs to your existing eco system or alternatively, opt for WiFi bulbs which connect directly to your WiFi router through the Innr App, no bridge required.

The colour

For a splash of colour, why not opt for a smart colour bulb? Whether you want to connect to your WiFi router or a smart home bridge, Innr has colour bulb options to fit every socket and style. Create a calm working environment with blue hues, get creative with sunset orange, and finally get ready to slow down with a purple haze. With colour bulbs, you can maximise your productivity right from the get-go.

WiFi colour bulbs:

With WiFi smart bulbs, there is no need for a smart home bridge – you can simply connect your bulbs to your normal WiFi home router. As well as super simple installation, you still get the choice of 16 million colours via the Innr WiFi app. Currently the WiFi range offers a standard bulb shape with E27 and B22 fittings available.

B22 Bulb, WiFi connectivity: £27.99 on Amazon (2 pack) RRP: £27.99

E27 Bulb, WiFi connectivity: £27.99 on Amazon (2 pack) RRP: £27.99

Smart colour bulbs:

For those looking for a more extensive smart home set up, the smart colour bulb range offers some additional styles, including spot and candle lights. These bulbs bring 16 million colours into your home as well as super low energy consumption thanks to ZigBee connectivity. All Innr smart bulbs work with Philips Hue bridges.

Although Innr colour bulbs also offer white light, there is a dedicated range of white light bulbs also on offer in the same styles and more.

B22 Bulb: £39.99 on Amazon (2 pack) RRP: £39.99

E27 Bulb: £46.99 on Amazon (2 pack) RRP: £46.99

E14 Candle: £49.99 on Amazon (2 pack) RRP: £49.99

GU10 Spot: £49.99 on Amazon (2 pack) RRP: £52.99

Smart Tunables

E27 Bulbs Comfort, (2-pack) RRP £32.99

GU10 Spots Comfort (2-pack), RRP £27.99

E14 Candles Comfort (2-pack), RRP £29.99

Round Ceiling Lamp Comfort (1-pack), RRP £89.99


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