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What Are the Features That Will Make You Buy the Weather Gadget For Your Windows 7 Home?

by gbaf mag

How do you know if Windows 7 is the best Windows operating system you can get for your personal computer? With so many choices available, how do you know what is best for you? It depends on a few different things. Here are a few of the top features for a Windows 7 gadget that will make it the best choice for your computing needs.

Are you interested in a new GPS device? If you are you want to make sure the gadget you purchase is compatible with Windows. It can be a little bit of a hassle to find out this information. In order to ensure that you are getting the best GPS for your money you want to purchase a Windows 7 gadget that is compatible with Windows. Compatibility is key!

Do you want to get an accurate weather forecast? You can do this with a Windows gadget that can provide you with the current conditions and hourly forecasts of the local weather. This feature alone could save you a ton of time and money if you live in an area that has severe weather. I am living in the Pacific Northwest and the weather can be very unpredictable from year to year. Having the option to predict the upcoming weather is a huge time saver.

Are you looking for a way to get more accurate predictions about wind and air speed? A Windows 7 gadget will give you the opportunity to get better predictions. How? The best ones will include a “wind gage” feature. As the name implies this handy feature will measure how fast the wind is blowing. This information is vital because it will tell you how hard or easy it will be to get to your destination.

Can you drive safely during a storm? Some weather conditions such as heavy rain and snow can be very dangerous. How will you get around in your car when the roads become impassable due to ice and road salt? Your car’s navigation system will allow you to enter your current location and see where you’re heading.

Do you need a calculator for your home? A weather widget will make it much easier to compute the accurate temperature and humidity for any place in the world. You can input your home address and the gadget will calculate the average temperature, precipitation, dew point and wind chill temperature. With these calculators you can easily determine what your comfortable temperature will be. Just input your location and you are on your way to being a savvy home owner.

What other widgets should I get for my Windows 7 Home? Well the weather widgets are just one part of a comprehensive weather package that these gadgets offer. Of course, the data and functionality from all the other widgets will complement each other perfectly. The widgets themselves come in a variety of colors and designs. You can easily customize your gadget so it best meets your personal needs. For example, you can choose a design with your favorite sports team, color scheme and logo to make it reflect your personality.

Does the weather widgets from Windows Phone do the same thing? No not really. Weather widgets in Windows Phones are limited to providing current conditions and current locations for the current time frame. This is a bit of a disappointment compared to what the other gadgets offer. The widgets on the other hand allow you to get real time data for the weather conditions in a place around the world. If you really want to be a savvy home owner, then get the Windows 7 gadget and learn how to use all the great features at your finger tips.

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