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Estate agents gain competitive advantage through Made Snappy’s Forever Tours

by wrich

22nd July 2021

  • Agents can offer 360 tours that last a lifetime to those selling their homess
  • Quick & easy process captures the essence of the home, creating a cherished record
  • Made Snappy service boosts estate agents’ offering to those looking to move

Estate agency is known for being a competitive business. As such, agents who can offer their clients something better than the average tend to have an advantage. 

This is where Forever Tours – a new service from 360 tour technology company Made Snappy – come into play.

Using a 360 camera and Made Snappy’s proprietary technology, estate agents can create 360 virtual tours on their properties, starting at a price of £49 per month. Agents can use the tours as a sales tool for the properties they market, enabling potential buyers to view homes in detail online before visiting them. They can also offer the Forever Tour to the vendor to preserve the essence of their home before they move. 

“We know from Savills’ research that homeowners usually spend a decade in each property between moves, that’s plenty of time to build up memories. Forever Tours allow homeowners to take those cherished memories with them when they move.”  Mark McCorrie, CEO and Founder, Made Snappy

The cost to agents for offering Forever Tours is no more than it costs to use Made Snappy in the first place. As such, any agent who signs up to use Made Snappy’s 360 tours (which work brilliantly both as a sales tool and as a means of cutting out time-wasting viewings), is in a position to offer Forever Tours to their clients. 

It’s an offer that has been well-received, according to Sam Lightfoot of Pattinson Estate Agents: 

“Pattinson now offers sellers the ability to have a Forever Tour of their home as part of the sales process. For families that have a lot of memories attached to their home, being able to preserve those memories in a format that lasts a lifetime is proving really popular.”

The time investment in creating 360 tours is minimal; it takes around 20 minutes to create a tour for a three-bedroom property. When tied in with a visit already taking place, the time required really is negligible. 

“We’ve designed our 360 tours to be both accessible and affordable. Alternative solutions on the market are costly and slower to implement – and many of the tours they produced are time-limited. We’ve provided estate agents, and in turn their clients, with a faster and more cost-effective tour creation solution – one that lasts a lifetime, just as people’s memories of their homes should.” Mark McCorrie, CEO and Founder, Made Snappy

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