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Made Snappy Forever Tours address problem of low brand loyalty in estate agency sector

by wrich
  • Low brand loyalty forcing agents to spend more to generate new leads
  • Over 60% of owners can’t recall which company they purchased from after 4 years
  • Branded Forever Tours provide a permanent reminder of the estate agent used

Figures from Spectre have revealed the shockingly low level of brand loyalty in the estate agency sector. After four years, more than 60% of homeowners are unable to remember through which company they bought their property. Meanwhile, just 13.8% of owners sell through the same agent they purchased from.

“The low brand loyalty within the estate agency sector is a cause for concern. Estate agents are having to spend their marketing budgets on generating new leads. With increased brand loyalty, they could reduce their marketing spend and redirect that funding to other areas of the business.”  Mark McCorrie, CEO and Founder, Made Snapp

360 tour technology company Made Snappy is seeking to solve this problem with its ‘Forever Tours’. Branded with the agent’s logo, these 360 tours serve as a reminder of the agent the vendor used every time they are viewed. As such, when the vendor comes to move again, that agent’s name should be front of mind.

The Forever Tours work by using a 360 camera to photograph the property, along with Made Snappy’s proprietary technology. Agents can use the 360 tours, which are priced from £49 per month, both as a sales tool and as a lasting memento for the vendor. The latter has the added bonuses of serving as a long-term marketing tool and additional revenue stream.

It takes around 20 minutes to create a 360 tour of a three-bedroom home, meaning that the tours have plenty of appeal for busy estate agents.

“There are multiple benefits to be had with the creation of 360 tours. They are a powerful sales tool, as potential buyers can explore the property virtually. This can result in a major decrease in wasted viewings. They are also a permanent record for the vendor, allowing them to capture the home in which they built up so many cherished memories over the years. And then there’s the ongoing marketing potential that’s built in. That’s a whole load of benefits for a 20-minute investment!”  Mark McCorrie, CEO and Founder, Made Snappy

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