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Strong Uptake of Zebit Mobile App on Launch

by wrich

Zebit, Inc. (ASX: ZBT), a San Diego, California based company, announces the launch of its first mobile application which has generated over 22,000 downloads in its initial days. 

Zebit is a pure ESG eCommerce marketplace that combines online shopping with an in-house BNPL credit platform. Its current target market is the c.120 million financially underserved customers in the US and Zebit is the only company to have developed a business model that enables it to serve this market successfully without relying on punitive interest charges, hidden fees or penalties. 

Almost all (90%+) of Zebit’s customers already shop through their mobile devices and, to date, this has been managed through the Company’s mobile-responsive website. It allows customers to shop over 170,000 products across 25 product verticals.  The Company has delivered US$330 million in cumulative revenue across 1.23 million orders since its inception. The launch of the app in both Apple and Google stores provides Zebit with access to a wider customer base without having to incur any additional marketing costs. Simply by being visible in the app store to those searching for eCommerce and BNPL and equivalent providers, Zebit is now able to build and amplify brand awareness. 

In addition to attracting new customers, the app will allow Zebit to engage directly with existing customers by sending push notifications reminding them of new product selection, exclusive offerings, upcoming payments, line increases, and down payment decreases that they have earned with excellent repayment.  It will also allow promotions to be more targeted and for the integration of marketing initiatives such as a “Refer a Friend” program, which will be rolled out shortly, through the app.

Commenting on the success of the app’s launch, Zebit’s Chief Revenue Officer, Joseph Liu said: 

“We are very pleased with the fast adoption rate of the Zebit app. This is the first in a series of technology investments that extends our proprietary platform capabilities. Building the app creates a new low-cost acquisition channel and allows us to scale our engagement programs, improving the customer’s initial and repeat experiences. The app gives us greater connection with our highly mobile customer base. 


This announcement was approved by Marc Schneider, Co-Founder, President and CEO on behalf of Zebit’s Board. 

About Zebit, Inc. 

ASX-listed Zebit, Inc. (ZBT: ASX) or (“Zebit”) is a California based eCommerce company that is dedicated to changing the lives of over 120 million U.S. credit-challenged consumers by giving them access to a broad set of products and the ability to pay for those products in instalments over six months.  Zebit was founded in 2015 and operates in all 50 States across the U.S. 

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