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Zellis Streamlines Employment and Income Verification Process with Experian

Work ReportTM is a secure, digital alternative to time-consuming verification processes, being made available to all Zellis customers

by wrich

UNITED KINGDOM, 11 February 2022: Zellis, the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of payroll and HR software and services, is today announcing a collaboration with global information services company, Experian. The partnership will extend Work ReportTM, Experian’s new, automated employment and income verification service, to all Zellis customers and millions of workers across the UK.  

Work Report™ is a first-of-its kind, digital service that automates the time-consuming process of sharing of payroll and employment information. It provides an instant and secure alternative for verifying such information when applying for a range of services, including mortgages. With Work Report™, employees can choose to digitally share their payroll information directly from their employer to a trusted third party.  

The solution removes the need to collate potentially dozens of pages of data, as paper documents or pdfs, which must be sourced, at request, by their employer’s HR team. With nearly three quarters (74%) in the UK likely to have a need to share employment and income information in the next two years[i], this solution has the potential to save hundreds of hours of time, while improving people’s access to important services. 

 The service is made available when one of Zellis’ customers’ employees is filling out an application which requires income and employment verification. They are given the option to upload evidence manually, or to use Work Report™. If they do, the service automatically accesses the required records from their employer and passes it to the service provider. 

“Work ReportTM is a fantastic product that will help our customers’ HR teams save a huge amount of time” said George Dunnett, Chief Product Officer at Zellis. “It’s equally great for their employees, supporting their financial wellbeing and offering a smoother, and more intuitive process. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Experian to bring this service to market.”

 The service is fully compliant with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines and best practice. Employee data remains under the control of their employer and will only be shared with the approved service provider.

“People are required to share their personal financial information to access services all the time – whether it’s for a mortgage, credit card or to rent a property. Work ReportTM enables people to share that info more quickly, conveniently and securely” said Paul Speirs, Managing Director of Consumer Information at Experian.  “We are thrilled that the Zellis Group, which provides services for about one in every six workers in the UK, is extending the incredible value of Work ReportTM across its entire portfolio.”

Work ReportTM has been brought to market by Experian in conjunction with their technology partner, global fintech Salary Finance.

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